Art 1 final exam


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I think this range an choice encourage me to grow as an artist because i learn many ways to make art and what art can be that is not only drawing something is something more and i learn so many ways i can make art.

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The art work than i think reflects me as a n artist and that i have a connection with was the clay project because i tried my best on that one and i learn to work with clay and is also a connection to me because it tell part of my grandpa when he died and something i will never forget because when he died me and cousins threw butterflies in the air so it has a really close connection to me.


The project that i was most successful in was my portrait project because i had to work to much to make a almost exactly skin color of the picture the topic was to draw a person that you know or either draw yourself so i draw my friend i really like it because it was better than i expected the process that i went trew was to draw her so it was kinda hard and making the shapes of her nose mouth ear he pose it was kinda hard but i did it and then i had to make the colors and think the hard was to make the skin colors but at the end it was really cute.

if i had a chance to redo over a project it will be the color project because i think i didn't put to much effort in it i actually didn't took much time in adding details so it would look better. i really wouldn't change the theme because i like the one i choose, but i do think i could put different ideas in it thats why i think i will redo that project and make it look different from before.



                         *Thank you Ms.Sudkamp for always helping me, im really                                            gonna  miss your class and i will miss you .*                                                          




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  1. Pictures?

    I loved having you in my class. I hope you take art again!